KASC is excited you want to Tryout our club!!

Below is what you need for each group to join, ages and abilities!

Seahorse/Starfish: This group is our entry level: an athlete need not be able to swim to enter this group, need to be age Two years old. Has to learn two strokes to move up. (back, free)

Pre-Team(Navy): Transition Class- Small to the big pool almost knowing the (back and free, getting completely across the pool)

Silver: Athletes must be at least seven years of age (unless moved from our pre-team program) and capable of completing 50 yards freestyle with side-breathing and 50 yards of backstroke, learning breaststroke 25 yards, and Butterfly 25 yards to join.

Gold: Athletes in this group are usually at least seven years old and have completed the Silver Group move-up skills list. This group is exposed to training for the first time while trying to prepare for the 100 Freestyle,100 Individual Medley races and perfecting start and turn technique. 

Aqua:  Athletes must be at least nine years of age and capable of completing 100 yards freestyle with side-breathing, 100 yards of backstroke, 100  yards breaststroke, 100 yards Butterfly, 100 IM to join.

Senior 2: Athletes must be at least eleven years of age and capable of completing 200 yards freestyle with side-breathing, 200 yards of backstroke, 200 yards breaststroke, 200 yards Butterfly, 200 IM and timed 200 Freestyle to join.

Senior 1/National: California/Nevada Time Standards