KASC Group Monthly Dues Service Hours Fundraising
Navy $150 10 Hours $35/year

Transition Level from Small Pool to big- Getting the full 25yrds of freestyle, backstroke down. A transition class from Pre-team to Silver if not Quite ready for full on Silver Level. ** Knows Freestyle (needs little work) *** Knows Backstroke (needs little work).

Swimming Level from the pre-team athletes moves into this group. Athletes at this level focus mainly on learning four competitive legal strokes, having fun, Coach is out of the water its 50 mins water, 10 dry-land.

Athletes must almost capable of completing 25 yards freestyle with side-breathing and 25yards of backstroke for this class

Pre-Team(Navy) Group Coach: Janine & Troy

Workout Days/Times: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: @ 5-6 pm

Workout Days/Times: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:
@5-6pm or late start 5:30-6:30p (water Polo days)


We Have an awesome incentive Program:

Kidz $ Program

$15 off Referring a friend

Each family, after accruing there volunteer hours and fundraisers*, may choose one of the following

  • 2 free months of Masters Swimming (you must join USMS $61)
  • 2 free ½ hour sessions of stroke work with a KASC coach
  • KASC or VMSC Swim Club Towel
  • KASC or VMSC Swim Club Bag

We work with all types of budgets ( so don't get discouraged on the pricing)