Kidz Aquatic Swim Club 

Club Philosophy:  

The Kidz Aquatic Swim Club is a competitive program designed to give children the opportunity to progress from pre-team swimming to championship level swimming at the national level. We are a year-round swim club that offers expertise instruction for all levels.  Our swimmers work together as an organization, with an emphasis on technique, coordination improvement, core development, as well as endurance training.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Kidz Aquatic Swim Club is to be able to enhance the swimming capabilities of every child; whether it is by giving drills that focus on technique or creating exercises that increase endurance. We are always there to help them along. We as KASC want our swimmers to learn to take on whatever challenges they may come upon in the pool and apply it to their daily life.  We want to be able to help develop discipline, and character through their swimming abilities. 


Our vision is to show both the youth and adults alike that swimming can be a rewarding and challenging experience no matter what their ability level.  We are here to build a higher standard of team unity, character development, quality coaching, and family support.


Provide opportunities for each athlete to be challenged and to experience individual success.
Provide a safe, enjoyable social experience.

Teach swimmers to value and respect the experience of competition and the value of sportsmanship.

Treat each member of the team as an individual who is worthy of respect.

Swimming is ideal for life-long fitness and saves lives.

Swim fast is FUN!