Kidz Aquatic Swim Club does its best to communicate with its membership. With us starting out with a low number of swimmers on our team, we have utilized e-mail as our number one source of team communications. It is vital that you check e-mails as they do provide information that is important. We might also use On Deck to Communicate as well.
Types of Communication E-mails:
We do provide various kinds of e-mails throughout the year. The following are the e-mails you will see:

This Week in KASC: This e-mail is sent out every Sunday afternoon about the upcoming week. This will include practice changes, cancelations, relocations, and other practice notes. This e-mail will also talk about upcoming meets and events as well. ( When we get bigger)

Volunteer E-mails: This is sent out from our volunteer coordinator to inform everyone of upcoming volunteer opportunities to achieve your Volunteer Commitment.

Swim Meet Deadline: This is an automated e-mail that will be sent exactly 7 days from the swim meets the entry deadline.

Parent Education: Coach Janine writes this e-mail to provide educational information for the parents. This education material can range from: How to pick the right goggles; Child Development in the sport; Child Nutrition; Child Psychology; and other issues that may help you like a swim parent.

Group e-mails: Coaches also have access to send out e-mails to their specific groups. These e-mails can range from a variety of information the group coach wants to communicate to their entire group.