KASC is very happy you want to join our club!

Kidz Aquatic Swim Club is going on our third year in the San Fernando Valley and has been at CSUN’s Matador pool. We have two 25 yards pool all to ourselves during our time slots so we won’t be competing with other clubs or fighting for water space.

If you are either tired of seeing your child not getting enough time with the coaches or would like to try swimming out for the first time we are the place to come.

We offer all levels of coaching, the head coach, and the founder is a certified Level 3 Masters coach which also covers adult’s master's teams so adults are also welcome to come by our practice times.  

We are accepting new club members from M/W/F from 4:45-5pm.  Our normal practice times are between 4-7 pm so come by to see which teams you can join.  We will add additional practice times and days the more members we get.  More information on the Tryout page. Please let us know the day you will become by registering on at the link below:

Once evaluated, the swimmer will be placed in the appropriate group based on ability.  You can get Registration Forms from Janine  (e-mail by clicking on the membership link below). You will also need to do our online registration to create an online account on our website (there will be no charge while completing this registration until placed)

Join our team if you enjoy swimming as much as we do. 


To be evaluated you must fill out the registration form and bring your child's proof of birthdate (Birth Certificate or passport) to the pool. So that way when we send in your registration for Southern California Swimming I don't have to ask for it, I will have it on record. ( Please also bring either Flex App or Year-around App for SCS for insurance/meets also.)

If these times don't work for you, please let us know! You can email us and arrange a time for evaluation at Email

Flex App - FLEX is a new membership category for 2019. Athletes who are 18 & under may have this $20 year 'round membership, but may only compete in 2 meets in the 9/1/18--12/31/19 registration year.

Year Around App -The year 'round athlete membership is $68, and membership is valid 9/1/18--12/31/19.